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Support from the Bayraktar Family to public health studies

According to the Cansağlığı Foundation's statement, the foundation will carry out studies on psychology, psychiatry, sciences, obstetrics, oncology and rare.

With the education and activities of the foundation, it is aimed to conduct education research and related training programs in the fields of education, from the training activities to the exit processes.

They will work to plan the platforms that will raise people who will implement them to support the foundation's development of sciences.

The Cansağlığı Foundation may be considered to plan support scientific education and will develop and implement the project to be planned to plan health care.

The Foundation aims to develop projects related to meeting all kinds of needs of oncology patients, and to provide all kinds of material and moral assistance with institutions and organizations working for the same purpose.

It is also aimed that the scientists who will work within the foundation carry out scientific, economic, social and cultural projects jointly with public and private institutions and organizations in order to research cancer diseases and find new treatment methods.

The Foundation aims to carry out studies that will strengthen individual and public health with the Contextual Behavioral Sciences Center (BAGDAM), which was established within the Cansağlığı Foundation. BAĞDAM will support scientific research to increase psychological and psychiatric studies on clinical problems and human behavior.

In addition, it will contribute to the emergence of innovative approaches by establishing scientific research infrastructures, bringing a research culture to young researchers, preparing the ground for national and international scientific studies where experts and students can come together

Families will be supported  

In addition to supporting the Cansağlığı Foundation research projects, it aims to establish structures that will provide services for the treatment of individuals with psychiatric and oncological difficulties in the community, to establish special clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers for individuals who cannot be treated in the community or who need special care, and to provide treatment through the centers to be established. In addition, projects will be developed to provide psychosocial and economic support to the relatives of those receiving treatment.

In addition to these works, it is also aimed to establish elderly care homes to provide care for the elderly and needy people who have no one, and to meet their needs. Within the Cansağlığı Foundation, studies will also be carried out to raise awareness of people with psychiatric disorders in the society and to carry out social activities to reduce stigmatizing attitudes towards these people.

Selcuk Bayraktar shared on his Twitter account on the subject, "We established the Canan Bayraktar Public Health Foundation, which will conduct research on treatment methods in many different fields, especially psychiatry and oncology, and develop social projects. May it be good for our nation and humanity, he said.