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Technology and Psychology Met at TEKNOFEST 2023

With more than 2 million visitors, our festival broke a record and brought our youth together with science and technology. Flight shows crowned with the breathtaking maneuvers of our master pilots gave our guests a visual feast.

As Cansağlığı Foundation, we took our place for the first time this year at Teknofest 2023, where innovative projects were exhibited and the technologies of the future were brought together with young people. We supported our young people by selecting the best projects prepared with our Technological Applications in Psychology competition, which brought psychology and technology together. 
We shared the psychological and psychiatric research we conducted at our stand, which attracted a lot of attention in the festival area, with our guests. We aimed to reach many young people and their parents with the various activities we organized. Our psychologists and psychiatrists shared with our visitors the studies we conducted with the inspiration we took from the healing power of our mothers.
At our stand, a quiz prepared from misconceptions in the field of psychology, our compassion wall section with positive messages, and our design your living area were among the activities that attracted the most attention of the visitors. In addition to having the opportunity to introduce the work of the foundation at our stand, we also proudly welcomed Ms. Canan Bayraktar, a member of our board of trustees.