Our Work


Foundation’s name is Canan Bayraktar Community Health Foundation. In this official deed it will be referred to as only the Foundation.


Foundation HQ is located in Ortamahalle Gazi Capt. Ömer Bulu Caddesi Canayakın Site A Block No: 9 Floor: 2 34040 Bayrampasa / Istanbul. The board of directors of the Foundation may move the Foundation headquarters to a new address provided that it keep the General Directorate of Foundations informed. Within the framework of the relevant legislation, branches and representative offices can be opened in Turkey or abroad by the decision of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Foundation is to conduct studies on genetics, Immunology, Oncology, Psychology, Psychiatry and rare diseases, to investigate the emergence processes of diseases, to provide innovative research and services in the fields of diagnosis and treatment, to understand general human behavior, clinical and social problems related to psychology and psychiatry. To develop practices that will strengthen health at the individual and community level, to develop effective treatment methods and to develop psychosocial intervention and improvement methods by collaborating with other scientific research centers working in this field.


a. Developing projects to meet all kinds of needs of oncology patients, establishing health facilities and institutions, transplantation centers and research centers, laboratories, institutes, vocational schools, universities and higher education centers where these patients will be treated. To provide all kinds of material and moral assistance, to research cancer diseases, to conduct scientific, economic, social and cultural researches with public and private institutions and organizations with the aim of finding new treatment methods.

b. To establish facilities to produce all kinds of medical devices, drugs and materials used in oncology patients, and to support the activities in line with the purpose of the foundation through working groups or partnerships it will establish with the people or organizations that make this production.

c. To carry out necessary scientific research to understand and determine the processes that are effective in the emergence and persistence of difficulties that are the focus of clinical attention in psychiatric and psychological terms, to create comprehensive databases on these processes, to develop innovative and effective treatment methods and to carry out studies for the application of these methods.

d. To carry out researches aimed at better understanding human behaviors in line with scientific principles at individual, family, group, institution and society levels and improving behavior in these areas, as well as to establish centers to carry out these researches.

e. Establishing an application and research center, vocational school, university and higher education centers and institutes that will enable the research of new, alternative methods and treatment methods by developing new philosophical, theoretical and practical approaches in the field of psychology and psychiatry sciences, these centers or universities and other institutions for these purposes. To support the research activities of students and researchers in educational institutions, both at home and abroad, in order to complete their basic and advanced education.

f. To carry out studies aimed at providing qualified lecturers and scientists from home and abroad and to provide all kinds of necessary support.

g. To carry out all kinds of activities that will contribute to the purpose of the Foundation; to organize panels, seminars, fairs, workshops, conferences, congresses, interviews, competitions; to make visual, digital and written publications.

h. To provide grants and/or loans from national and/or international institutions and organizations for projects that will contribute to the purpose of the Foundation, to organize in-kind and/or cash grant programs to relevant domestic and/or foreign institutions and organizations.

i. To carry out joint projects at home and abroad, to cooperate with international individuals and institutions in line with the objectives of the Foundation.

j. To establish structures that will provide services for the treatment of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders in the community, to establish special clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers for individuals who cannot be treated in the community or who need special care, and to provide their treatment through these centers to be established.

k. To provide care for the elderly and those in need of care, to establish elderly care homes to meet their needs.

l. To raise awareness about people with psychiatric disorders in the society and to engage in social activities to reduce stigmatizing attitudes towards these people.

m. The activities of the foundation will cover the whole of Turkey.


a. In line with the purposes of the Foundation, to establish hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, to open and operate training, application and research centers or to cooperate with these institutions or universities and educational institutions for these purposes, to meet the social needs of students studying in these schools and education and training institutions, accommodation, hostels, to establish and operate dormitories and other social facilities.

b. To identify the people who are in need of care related to Foundation’s field of activity, to carry out the treatment of people through its established rehabilitation, recreation and education facilities, orphanages, nursing homes and through partner institutions.

c. In order to achieve the purpose of the foundation, it is necessary to own and use movable and immovable properties by donation, bequest, purchase and lease, to sell, transfer and renounce what they have in accordance with the provisions of the law regarding foundations, to receive and spend their income, to use one or more of the assets of the foundation. to invest immovable property or income for one or more times.

d. To manage and dispose of the movable and immovable property and money that it has acquired through donations and bequests, purchases and other ways, provided that it is not contrary to the purpose and service issues of the Foundation, to buy securities and to evaluate and sell them in line with the purpose of the foundation.

e. To accept and manage funds established or to be established for scientific, technological, development, cultural and social aid purposes, to cooperate with foundations, real and legal persons at home and abroad that carry out activities similar to the aims of the foundation, to cooperate with real and legal persons, to receive assistance from public institutions and organizations or other real and legal persons, to receive assistance from public institutions and organizations or other real and legal persons, and to make agreements to provide that assistance.

f. To accept the real rights of immovable goods such as easement, usufruct, residence, upper, pledge, mortgage, to use these rights, to receive all kinds of guarantees, including pledge and mortgage of movable and immovable properties, to open deposit, drawing, foreign exchange, gold deposit bank account, accepting valid bank guarantees, issuing and using bank account/credit cards, borrowing when necessary in order to realize the purpose and service of the foundation, giving surety, pledge, mortgage and other assurances.

g. The purpose of the foundation and service is executed in accordance with the topics, and all kinds of projects and work to be executed to generate income from ordinary income to the foundation and that will work according to the principles of business with the goal of providing economic enterprises, establish companies, the board those affiliates to, directly or under its control to an operator business them to the enterprise, continuous sources of income to make investments in order to create economic initiatives, businesses and partnerships, set up and attended initiatives and partnerships to manage alone, to conclude contracts on initiatives, savings, acquisition of goods, construction and the like, which are considered useful and necessary for the realization of one or all of the objectives and service issues of the foundation. In order to achieve its purpose, the Foundation is authorized as stated in Article 48 of the Turkish Civil Code. The Foundation cannot use these powers and revenues for purposes prohibited by the Turkish Civil Code.


The organs of the foundation are shown below.

a. Board Of Trustees

b. Board of Directors

c. Supervisory Board

d. Advisory Board