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Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar brings cancer research to Turkey

Coming to Turkey to attend the opening ceremony of Aziz Sancar Education Campus in Ankara with the invitation of the Ministry of National Education (MEB), Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar made a statement about his scientific studies.

Apart from his research, which was the subject of the Nobel Prize, Sancar, regarding his 2015 study that he carries in his wallet and named "My Piri Reis Map", said, "Using that map, we are investigating the effect of the biological clock in cancer. In which time period does it cause more damage to cancerous and normal tissues, in which time period? "We are investigating it, which will cause less harm, and we are trying to optimize the treatment by using the clock in cancer treatment. This study continues."

Sancar reminded that they published the effect of the biological clock in cancer treatment in their last article in December last year.

"Some of the publications about the biological clock have misled people"

Stating that there are many publications on this subject from both the USA and France, Sancar continued as follows:

"It was said that if you give this cancer medicine at this hour, if you give this cancer medicine in the morning, you will get 10 different results if you give it in the evening. But they were not right and they misled people a lot. They are also scientists, but the scientist should also be responsible. 'These studies are wrong. and don't spread it.' We said: Because there are at least 5-6 people working on this subject, but there are hundreds of people working on the biological clock. They read the article about cancer, do not know the details, repeat exactly what that man said.

"Not every drug works the same for everyone"

Stating that in some publications on this subject, it is said that "If we give this medicine in the morning and at this time in the evening, it is 28 percent beneficial for the treatment", Sancar said, "The man is honest to a degree, this happens to men, when he gives the same regimen to women, it causes women to die earlier. "He doesn't write it in reviews. Everyone says it's a positive effect on men, but it's not said to kill women," he said.

"We are trying to find more effective hours of the drug"

In their last article published in December, Sancar said that they grew intestinal cancer in mice, gave the drug cisplatin, and compared the damage to the normal and cancerous tissues of mice. In that respect, we are trying to find more effective hours of the cisplatin drug by using it," he said.

Pointing out that hundreds of volunteers are needed to conduct research on humans, Sancar underlined that it is not easy to get permission for this.

He announced his latest study on cancer for the first time

Aziz Sancar, announcing his very new study for the first time, said, "We discovered something very new the day before we came to Turkey. This is a scientific, basic research method, that is, it will not cure cancer, but for us as scientists it is very exciting. progress,” he said.

When asked if his work would have an effect on cancer treatment, Sancar said, "Everything can be used in cancer treatment. This study is about DNA repair and it is a new method and I will be able to transfer it to Turkey within a year."

"We got the results the day before we left the USA"

Stating that it would not be right for him to share detailed information since the article of his study has not been published yet, Sancar said, "We got the result the day before I left the USA. My student knew that I would like to see the result before I came to Turkey. That's why he researched the data and sent it to me immediately. 'Turkey He said, 'I know you will go to and wonder, I want you to know the results'.


Source: Trt Haber