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The Excitement of Teknofest 2023 has started!

Development and expansion of the use of technology in psychology will open new doors and broaden horizons in many different areas such as preventive mental health, access to psychotherapy services, understanding human behavior and mental disorders and identifying risk factors associated with them, developing different measurement and intervention methods. Therefore, the scope of projects in this field is extremely wide and is just limited by our imagination.

As an example, we may categorize the main fields of study as follows:

 Software / Devices for Improving Cognitive Abilities

• Smart-Phone Application Supported Psychotherapy Intervention Programs

• Internet-Based Psychotherapy Intervention Programs

• Artificial Intelligence Supported Psychotherapy Applications or Psychological Risk Assessment

• Virtual Reality Supported Psychotherapy Practices

• Digital Games for Improving Psychological Skills

• Psychophysiological Measurement / Assessment Tools

The fields above are just for giving ideas, and you can apply to the competition with any project that may be a subject of psychotechnology.

If the use of technology in psychology excites you, we will be waiting for your projects to share your excitement.

For detailed information and application :

Deadline : 20 th November